Coronavirus Response

How is your business responding to the economic impact of the coronavirus? Alexander Maxwell can perform a review of your business to provide solutions to make the changes required to survive the crisis.

About Us

Alexander Maxwell is a boutique business consulting firm meeting the needs of businesses in response to the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19). 

We recognise that the coronavirus pandemic is a significant challenge to business in Australia that will require creative, thoughtful and nuanced analysis. Many businesses are actively searching for answers to the various challenges they are beginning to experience. 

Alexander Maxwell partners with a range of other professional services to help our valued clients to make the necessary changes to overcome, and in some cases, take advantage of the present economic challenges and to transition to a post coronavirus business environment.

Our Process

Alexander Maxwell understands that future desired outcomes create the foundation for what and how things are done in the present. Settling on a vision for the future allows our clients to identify the values and perspective needed to recognise the current problems as well as future opportunities. 

As this process unfolds, a range of options begin to emerge. The options are workshopped, reworked and reviewed, advice from other professionals may be required, and an options paper is prepared. 

Action focused scenarios are then developed as well as evaluation criteria. We aim to arrive at an action focused scenario, and in some cases parallel scenarios, with a clear set of steps to enable our clients to monitor their progress.


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Digital Transformation


Change Management


Strategy and Planning

Andrew Alexander


Andrew is a trusted advisor to individuals and businesses who rely on his extensive legal, commercial, public policy and management knowledge to achieve practical, effective and timely outcomes.

An experienced commercial lawyer, Andrew is the principal of Alexander ILP, Lawyers & Advisors and Geelong Legal, which provides legal advice in a range of areas, including: commercial law, family law, employment law, wills and probate administration, and immigration law. 

Andrew holds a range of qualifications in law, political science, education, business administration, public policy, management, and migration law. Andrew is a member of the Law Institute of Victoria and a registered migration agent.

Torin Peel


Torin is passionate about working with businesses to develop tailored solutions to streamline their operations and transform business functions via the implementation of technology.

Experienced in business, communications and digital, Torin is the Director of creative agency Swiftfox, which he founded in 2016. He also brings extensive knowledge of government and public policy.

Torin has worked with public and private sector clients across Australia, empowering them to reach new markets, and modernising business processes to create greater efficiency. His clients include small and medium businesses in a range of disciplines, from local retailers through to statewide commercial service providers.



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